Admissions Process

Application for 2019-2020 academic year is open now.

School Enrollment Requirements

The following documents / certificates (Original and Copy) are required to submit, like the Government Scholars, when enroll at school:

1. School Transfer Certificate (TC) original / copy

2. Monthly Report Card (MRC) original / copy

3. Comprehensive Personal Record (CPR) for middle school (original/ copy)

4. Birth certificate, only for KG (original/ copy)

5. Record of prevention and health (original / copy)

6. Information of parents / siblings and parents’ national registration card (copies)

7. House-hold chart (copy)

Students are required to sit the placement test if enrollment is granted. The test aims to record the student’s basic education only. The advance initial school fees for (3) months are required to be settled such as school uniform (about 12,000 kyats per set), services for school bus and lunch box. The exclusive expenses will be charged separately.

Standard Monthly Fees
KG K. 170,000
Grade 1 K. 170,000
Grade 2 K.190,000
Grade 3 K.190,000
Grade 5 K. 200,000
Grade 6 K. 200,000
Grade 7 K. 200,000
Grade 8 K. 220,000
Grade 9 K. 220,000
Grade 10 K. 300,000
Grade 11 K. 300,000

Other Expenses

1. When enrolling a new student the first (3) month school fees according to the Grade are required to be settled in advance.

2. The remaining fees are required to be settled beginning from the third week of the second month after the enrollment.

3. For the school ferry/ bus services, the fees are required to be settled on the third week of every one month price to the servicing month. (eg. for February, fees required to be settled in January) (Fees for monthly school bus / ferry services will cost maximum K.200,000)

4. For the tiffin / lunch box, it is necessary to inform (3) days ahead and an advance payments needs to be made for the required days. (Exclusive charges for the lunch box services will cost K.1500)